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About Us

Dongguan Horrol Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (HORROL GROUP) is located in: "The World's Factory "Dongguan, is a research and development, production and sales of High-tech innovation-oriented enterprises,Companies adhering to the "Live because of you, change for you  , innovation and technology, change life, heavy load, moral World "corporate culture, inherit excellent traditional" craftsman spirit ", constantly innovate, always remember "Science and technology is the first productive force" in the heart, with the times, looking to the future, with technology to change life,2012 comply with the trend of scientific and technological development, the successful development and introduction of ultra-thin automatic sole cleaning machine, for the entrance Cleanliness has made the contribution of the Times.Since 2014, after countless times of research and development and customer experience,Successfully developed the world's first column 360/720-degree rotary and automatic scrubbing machine, 2015 trial Production, in 2017 the National invention Patent and a number of new practical patents and appearance patents, at the same time is Type of production, the company designed and produced high-end intelligent processing of special machinery and equipment, key components All independent research and development production. Product quality is guaranteed, while reducing production costs.Automatic scrubbing machine, to create a new bath Era。Automatic scrubbing machine, wash away a day of exhaustion, scrubbing rain colleagues, enjoy the joy of body and mind, Bath heart Enjoy the times are entering tens of thousands of households.This device The use of casual, sanitary, safety, environmental protection, energy-saving, no corner.

Horrol Group's main products are: shoe sole cleaning machine, cleaning machine, bathing machine, integrated bathroom, automatic machine, machine, automatic binding machine, galvanized wire slot, paint trough, drencher cabinets, card board, iron tray, telescopic charging line automatic printing.
HORROL GROUP,live because of you, and change for you, moral world, innovation and technology, change life, make life more beautiful.
Make the product with the heart and serve with the heart. All for the customer, for the customer all, for all customers. Dare to innovate, continue to research and develop, change people's life with science and technology, and build a hundred year enterprise.